The Overview of Integrated Retail Cloud

Dmall is an omnichannel digital retail service provider providing end-to-end business SaaS solutions--Integrated Retail Cloud. The Integrated Retail Cloud service based on the Dmall OS, is a complete digitalization solution composed of 15 major systems and 800 subsystems. The Integrated Retail Cloud optimizes the integrated omnichannel services with in-store shopping, pickup, and delivery, to achieve smarter decision-making, more streamlined processes, more comprehensive scenarios, and less friction in system changeover. Through the Integrated Retail Cloud, Dmall helps retailers and brand owners to achieve digital transformation and online-offline integration.
130+ Supermarket chains in partnership 15,000 Retail stores covered 190,000,000 The number of users 19 million Monthly active user


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  • A Digital Future in Excellence and Committed Customer Service

    A Digital Future in Excellence and Committed Customer Service

    Adoption of digital initiatives accelerated as the need became much direr with the Covid-19 pandemic forcing consumers into their homes for their safety. Whilst most retail companies scrambled to make sense of the situation and come up with a way to overcome said challenges, Dmall Life (China) Digital Technology(DMALL) introduced their DMALL Shelf Display Management System and digital transformation initiative, winning the Digital Initiative of the Year - China Award and the Customer Service Initiative of the Year - China Award at the Retail Asia Awards 2022. Read more
  • How can DMALL help 7-Eleven South China to achieve digital transformation?

    Retail SaaS Provider DMALL to Celebrate 7th Anniversary Amidst Rapid Global Growth

    On 1st April 2022, DMALL, Asia's leading retail SaaS provider, announced that today marks its 7th anniversary. DMALL was founded in April 2015 by a group of retail industry professionals and passionate young innovators. It helps retailers and brand owners to achieve digital transformation and online-offline integration, enables them the omnichannel operation capabilities, and provides various value-added services. Read more
  • Metro cooperated with Dmall makes a digital technology sample for global retail

    How can DMALL Help 7-Eleven South China to Achieve Digital Transformation?

    Since October 2020, DMALL has improved and upgraded 7-Eleven South China on multiple levels through its deep understanding and rich practical experience of the retail industry. Read more
  • Dmall Named on Global Unicorn Index 2021 by Hurun Research Institute, Facilitating the Digital Transformation of Offline Retail

    In December 2021, the Hurun Research Institute released the Global Unicorn Index 2021, on which Dmall ranks No. 305 this year with a US$2.5 Billion valuation after it closed $418.5 million in Series C round. This is the second year in a row that Dmall has been named, and the valuation of Dmall has increased 1.5 times since 2020. Read more
  • Dr. Zhang Wenzhong, Chairman of Dmall, Attended the CGF China Day 2021 and Delivered a Keynote Speech

    Shanghai, February 18, 2022 - The Consumer Goods Forum's 4th China Day was held in Shanghai on February 17th. Themed "Creating a Common Prosperity Future Together", it brought together members and industry experts from across the Greater China region to share cutting-edge insights and positive change best practices in multiple topics. Dr. Zhang Wenzhong, as a member of CGF China Board of Directors, was invited to attend the conference and delivered a keynote speech on the theme of "Seize the digital opportunity to create the future of the consumer goods industry". Read more

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